@ DE Turf Sport Complex
Kent County, Delaware


U14, U16, U19
11v11, 12 Artificial Turf Fields, 5 Lighted, 5 Games

Shooting Star was created to provide more local and affordable exposure for all types of teams. The annual tournament originated over the Thanksgiving break in Richmond, VA.

The Shooting Star Timeline

2014 20 teams (VA)
2015 156 teams (VA & PA Sites)
2016 174 teams (VA)
April 2017 84 teams/Inaugural Shooting Star- Easter (DE)
November 2017 186 teams/Shooting Star- Thanksgiving (VA)


The Shooting Star Tournaments provide competitive opportunities for a variety of age group teams and outstanding recruiting visibility.

The inaugural Shooting Star- EASTER hosted 84 U14, U16 and U19 age divisions to participate on TURF for 5 full field games over 2 days. We are thrilled to be returning to the DE Turf Sports Complex!

All the games will be videotaped by our partner First Scout Video Productions.

Shooting Star utilizes Recruit Spot/Coach Packet for all of the athletes to create or update their profile. All of this information will be shared with every college coach in the country and the game film will be updated and sent to each institution for their reference!


Our Partners:
Under Armour, Gatorade, MAX Field Hockey, Coach Packet/Recruit Spot and First Scout Video Productions